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We can help you achieve your analytics dreams, and help you improve your company performance. We can help you make your concept an actual solution, and support you through every step along the way. Most companies struggle – They buy a tool, or they hire a consultant, because they hope it will get them over the finish line, but it doesn’t. Most tools address only a narrow part of the solution, and as a result they need to be integrated with other critical tools and the entire environment must be aligned to be effective. For example – A company may buy Tableau because they like the visualizations and the content development paradigm, but find that the real challenges are related to finding and integrating data, and putting into a structure that can be used. Everyone eventually runs into the limit of what they can do with the tools they are using. We can take you through that step quickly.
Your analytics environment depends upon a powerful collection of tools that run key parts of your analytics platform. We offer the missing element of seamless integration and a deep stack of advanced technology. With us on your team, you have the tools and experience to create analytics and applications that help you achieve industry leading business performance. We’ll help you cross the goal line.
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What Makes Us Different

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IBM Technology and Other Leading Providers

You can count on us for end-to-end solutions or we can fill in the gaps to your existing environment. Our deepest expertise is with IBM Analytics applications, but we have experience creating solutions integrating products from IBM, Informatica, Microsoft, AWS, Tableau, Looker and Qlik.

Leading businesses are partnering with IBM Data & AI to unleash the value of their data in new ways, enabling them to:

  • Predict and shape future outcomes
  • Empower people to do higher-value work
  • Create intelligent workflows that automate decisions and experiences

Quantified Mechanix has technical capabilities experience with IBM
Data & AI including:

  • Database: Design, performance, security.
  • Data Integration: ETL, master data management, data governance.
  • Analytics: Visualizations, production reporting, self-service, ad hoc.
  • Environment: Expertise deploying on premise and in the cloud.
  • Security: Designed/delivered robust and secured applications in the
    most demanding environments (HIPPA, DOD, Financial Services)
IBM Data & AI

Why IBM Data & AI

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak for Data brings data collection, organization, and analysis features together within an integrated platform designed to unify and modernize your company’s data and AI capabilities.

Use your company’s resources efficiently by deploying services on any cloud or on premises, fully managed as a service or with an optimized system.  

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With flexibility at its core, and a catalog of services available, IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables you to customize the platform to your needs, at your own pace.

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics can help inform your key business decisions through an interactive, intuitive platform designed to help you explore, discover and capture insights into your business today and predict what will happen tomorrow.  Rated as a market leader by BARC’s 2020 report, IBM Cognos is a widely deployed leading platform with a feature rich environment for performing an infinite range of data integration tasks. 

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With its scalable, secure enterprise analytics platform, sophistical analytical tools, visually stunning reporting capabilities and flexible cloud-based or on premise deployment options, Cognos can help you put analytics in the hands of all your users and operationalize your insights, quickly, and confidently. 


DataStage is a widely deployed powerful platform that enables organizations to create and deliver analytics by providing quality data and breaking down data silos to facilitate effective analysis. DataStage is used in organizations to quickly extract data from many systems, transform it, apply business rules and meaning and make it available for reporting, analysis and analytics.

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Along with near time or real time access, superior data quality and integration tools, and its graphical interface for constructing data solutions, DataStage integrates with a variety of analytics platform products and related tools creating a feature rich, mature platform that provides significant ROI to businesses and efficiency for their development teams.

Netezza® Performance Server 

Today, organizations are better equipped to predict and shape future outcomes thanks to advanced analytics and AI, but deploying and scaling AI across an enterprise can be difficult especially in a dynamic enterprise environment with large quantities of data that continue to morph and grow.

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Netezza® Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data is an advanced data warehouse and analytics platform that is easy to deploy and manage on premises or on cloud, and integrates database, server, storage and analytics into a single system that supports very fast, high performing ETL and analytics across massive data volumes. What does this mean to you?

Netezza® Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak® for Data equips you to do more with your data, which means a better ROI for your business. 

Business analytics solutions

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We Offer:

  • Professional Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Implementation and Development
  • Proof of Concept
  • Pilot projects in a Solution Center
  • Traditional on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) licensing


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"Quantified Mechanix had insight beyond just doing the job. They were careful to make sure I understood things I hadn’t thought of before we got into the project. Target received great value for the money."

Joanne Franer, Target Corporation

"Quantified Mechanix is technically very knowledgeable but more importantly they care about clients and want them to be successful. They have a unique ability to see the big picture and at the same time drill down into the details."

Rhett Lamoreaux, Graco

"Quantified Mechanix delivered MDS Assessment data into the hands of people who could use it. This created a new capability for our Assessment Coordinators, helping us manage compliance risks, identify missed reimbursement opportunities and drive faster, better decisions through new information-driven analytical tools."

Nate Ovenden, Director of Compliance

"Quantified Mechanix developed capabilities to link and analyze vast amounts of information, providing financial and operational insights—not just data—to our front-line operators. Instead of being buried in data, our operators now are able to make critical decisions more quickly and accurately. This saved my team hundreds of hours every month, and freed my team up to focus on things that could change business outcomes."

John Tranberg, Director of Finance