How We Do It

Top Technology

Quantified Mechanix has experience solving business challenges with cutting-edge technology from established industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon and best of breed tools from companies like Informatica, FiveTran, Talend, Tableau and Qlik.


Proven Solutions With Business Value

You can bridge the gap between different parts of the business and IT to improve performance. If you are in finance, marketing, operations, sales or IT, you have a stake in creating solutions to solve real problems with technology. We have the combination of technical and business skills and experience to help you.


Measured Results

Our results are quantifiable, hence our name. Don’t just sit on piles of information; let our Mechanix help put your data to work.

The Quantified Mechanix Difference

We operate at the place where business, technology and data meet. We are equally comfortable, and exceptionally competent working with business leaders and IT to use technology to create real opportunities for your business.  We turn data into information and help your business use it to develop the insights that spur the actions that create real results.

Business Analytics Platform

The Quantified Mechanix team combines two skills that are hard to find. A strong background in Business Intelligence/Analytics plus great general business knowledge.

David Kaiser – COO, SFM Corporation

Big Data Analytics Services
Wealth Enhancement Group
Big Data Analytics Services


Microsoft Power BI





"Quantified Mechanix had insight beyond just doing the job. They were careful to make sure I understood things I hadn’t thought of before we got into the project. Target received great value for the money."

Joanne Franer, Target Corporation

"Quantified Mechanix is technically very knowledgeable but more importantly they care about clients and want them to be successful. They have a unique ability to see the big picture and at the same time drill down into the details."

Rhett Lamoreaux, Graco

"Quantified Mechanix delivered MDS Assessment data into the hands of people who could use it. This created a new capability for our Assessment Coordinators, helping us manage compliance risks, identify missed reimbursement opportunities and drive faster, better decisions through new information-driven analytical tools."

Nate Ovenden, Director of Compliance

"Quantified Mechanix developed capabilities to link and analyze vast amounts of information, providing financial and operational insights—not just data—to our front-line operators. Instead of being buried in data, our operators now are able to make critical decisions more quickly and accurately. This saved my team hundreds of hours every month, and freed my team up to focus on things that could change business outcomes."

John Tranberg, Director of Finance